Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book Review: Cassie's Space by PK Corey

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to PK Corey's Cassie series. I absolutely loved this story, and will go on to read the rest of these books. 

 Cassie's Space is a sweet DD story about an older couple who have always had an element of DD in their relationship.

When Tom met Cassie, she was a loose cannon, a fun girl who liked to have a good time, and Tom was immediately attracted to her. Although he had old-fashioned values, he knew he could handle Cassie, and does he ever. 

I loved how gentle, yet firm he is with her. She swears like a sailor when they're dating, and several times Tom explains to her that he expects her to act like a lady. She tries...she's very attracted to Tom, and wants to please him, but her temper gets in the way. Finally, he decides it's time to teach her manners, and surprises her by pulling her over his knee. 

One of the things I liked best about this story was how real it was. Her reactions to his taking the initiative to discipline her were so relatable, and she made me laugh. When he finally takes her over his knee to teach her to watch her language, she says, “If he thought he had heard cussing before, what I cut loose with then did not compare to what he’d heard me say before.”

 Oh, she made me laugh! And when he's finally spanked her soundly, his tenderness shines through. I think the way he treats her after he disciplines her was pivotal: at this point we see his true character and why, despite Cassie's resistance to being disciplined as a full-grown woman, she falls in love with him, accepting their DD dynamic as something that fills a need of hers.

Look at me,” he said quietly. I glared at him, letting my fury show clearly. He looked at me steadily with those incredible blue eyes: the look on his face bewildered me. In his face I saw understanding, concern, and caring. His look mesmerized me. 
Very quietly, he asked me a question that changed my life.

Cassie, has no one ever cared for you enough to make you behave yourself?” 
I suppose all of life is just a matter of timing. I had known the answer to that question all my life, though I’d avoided thinking of that particular reality. At that moment, Tom found a way to break open the shell I lived in. As I write this, it seems such a simple question, but as I had stood looking at him, the answer to his question flooded my mind and the hurt went much deeper than the spanking had. The answer was no. No one had ever cared for me that much. I started crying. 

I hadn’t cried in front of another person since I was a child. My first husband had never seen me cry, and here I was, bawling in front of a man I’d only known for a few short weeks. Tom scooped me up and carried me back to our quilt. He pulled out his handkerchief and gave it to me before sitting down and leaning back against the tree, cuddling me on his lap. My bottom throbbed from the spanking as he held me, but the comfort of his arms around me and his gentle words overrode the pain. So many thoughts and feelings swirled around in my mind, but I could hear Tom talking to me quietly. 

“You’re all right now. I’m not going anywhere. Relax, honey, you’re safe."

Cassie doesn't really consider herself a submissive, and she manages to land in one fiasco after another, but her husband is always there to catch her, and their love for one another shines through in every interaction. Her retelling of the scrapes she gets in is entertaining, to say the least, and kept me turning pages. 

Good grief. Nothing ever goes right for me when Tom’s away. I only teased about doing something wild and crazy with the girls. I had every intention of behaving myself and staying out of trouble, but I messed up. I hadn’t looked for trouble, but sometimes I believe I attract trouble like metal to a magnet.

Throughout the story, though, I found Tom to be strict but reasonable, every one of his interactions with Cassie demonstrating the depth of his love for her. 

When she confesses she's been gambling behind his back, he's understanding, though he doesn't like it, and she doesn't earn herself a punishment automatically.

All right, girl. No, I’m not going to spank you. We haven’t exactly discussed gambling before. I had no idea you might have a problem with this....From now on gambling is off limits for you...It stops completely. And if it doesn’t I’ll wear you out. Now that’s a promise.”

But Cassie has been holding back a secret she doesn't want to share with him. She knows she has to tell him, and is scared that if she does, he will take away what's become so important to her. How they handle this...both her reaction and his...was lovely to see unfold.

This story so beautifully captures the challenges, emotions, and deep intimacy of a Taken in Hand relationship, and if such stories appeal to you, I urge you to go ahead and pick up a copy today. 

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  1. Thank you so much! This is a lovely review. I'm so happy you like Cassie and Tom. They're two of my favorite people!

  2. Great review - the Cassie series is the only book of this type I read and there are times I just want to shake her and others when I'm laughing out loud. So wonderful to have a mature couple that still rock!

  3. What a great review, Jane...I love the Cassie books.


  4. Jane, A really lovely review. Thank you.

    I feel like I've know Cassie for ever.


    1. Thank you, Ronnie. I'm glad you enjoyed the review, and also that I've had the pleasure of getting to know Cassie!

  5. Welcome to blogland, fantastic review Jane. You'll love all the other books too.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Thanks, Lindy! I'm looking forward to the others!

  6. Great review. You are going to love Cassie. Tom, I'm not so sure about. Laughing, he really is a good guy but has to lose that damn hair brush. You're going to enjoy the rest of the series.

  7. If I were Cassie I'd have a love/hate relationship with that thing!!