Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Visit From Libby Campbell!

Hello, and Happy Sunday! Today, Libby Campbell has stopped by for a visit, telling us about her new release Simon Says.

Simon Says by Libby Campbell

Publisher: Blushing Books
Released: January 28, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, romantic erotica with DD and spanking.

Sadie will be the perfect woman for Simon, if only she can learn to obey his rules.

When feisty Sadie Donohue meets Simon Jacobson at a New Year’s Eve party, she thinks it’s a chance encounter, but not all is as it seems. Simon is a busy executive who prefers to be the master of his own destiny.

Over dinner the next night his authoritative personality starts to emerge. Always one to question authority, Sadie rebuffs his gentle suggestions for more polite behavior with a lively, sharp wit. Simon is amused but unmoved.

If Sadie wants to continue seeing him she must accept his rules. Rules that will be reinforced by spankings when she fails to comply. 
A strong, independent woman, Sadie struggles with his demands. A tragedy from Simon’s past makes him more determined than ever to make her obey. Their worlds collide.

This romantic comedy, set in cold climes of Canada, is warmed with frequent spankings.


Rating: NC-17 Adults only

When I came out of the bathroom, Simon was seated in the armchair in front of the fireplace. I was glad there was no fire in the grate. I'd burn up in minutes. He waved at his lap. "This is going to take a while. Are you ready?"
"Yes. No. Never."
"Give me the hairbrush."
I held it out. "Aye aye, captain."
He took it from me and laid it on the side table. "If I had second thoughts about how much you needed this, you just erased them, didn't you?"
"Sometimes I can't help myself." I crawled across his lap. "It's like I'm possessed."
"Then let's start the exorcism." His voice was flinty.

About the author

Libby Campbell lives on the West Coast with her husband of over twenty-five years. She reads a lot and loves books that feature strong, independent women engaged in hand-to-butt combat with funny, sexy men.

Her favorite pastimes are reading, writing, and hiking with her husband.

Libby reads and writes for pure escapism. If you like her book, she hopes you will leave a review – it will help her complete the next one.


Libby was kind enough to answer a few questions for us!

What was the inspiration for Simon Says?

My husband and I have had a DD lifestyle since before we were married, many moons ago. I’ve concocted many fantasy scenarios about other people in the same situation. Simon Says is my first attempt to capture some of my imaginings in a fully developed novel.

What are the best writing books you’ve ever read?

There are so many good ones! Right now I’m reading Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan. It is laugh out loud funny in some parts and very helpful in others.

Chocolate or chips?

Chocolate, but blue chips are a close second.

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Why?

Mind-reading. Oh the books I could write!

Fancy restaurant or picnic?


Beer or wine?


What would you like us to know about the book before we read it?

It’s not Literature. It’s meant to be funny and romantic. It’s also meant to explore the way one couple’s DD life might involve. You know the type of couple: the neighbourhood billionaire and his everyday girlfriend.

What is in store next?

I’m writing a sequel called Simon Says I Do. At the end of book one, Simon thinks he’s got Sadie under his thumb but she has other ideas. She is going to challenge many of the things she accepted in the heat of their early romance.

Thanks for stopping by, Libby! You can find Libby and follow her on social media: 

Twitter: @LibbyC26