Sunday, February 14, 2016

Visit from PK Corey!

The newest book in Tom and Cassie's series by PK Corey --  Winner of Best Series by Spanking Romance Reviews -- is live today on Amazon! PK Corey paid me a visit, and I'm happy to share all about her new book!

Cassie is still living life to the fullest, telling Allie stories about everything from long ago shooting incidents to playing laser tag with the children. Tom keeps an amused, yet watchful eye, on his lovely wife. He tries to be tolerant of Cassie’s fun loving ways, but when she decides to spend the day with people she met through the Internet, without letting him or the girls know of her plans, Tom sees red. Tired of Cassie constantly putting herself in possible danger Tom decides to hire her a driver. Cassie immediately sees this plan for what it really is; Tom wants to hire a bodyguard / watchdog / babysitter for Cassie. That’s something Cassie won’t tolerate and after quickly packing a bag, she’s gone with a roar of the engine and a squeal of the tires. In this case Cassie is determine to have her way – and so is Tom, the final decision may change life on the river forever. 

Tom decided I should count my birthday spanking. I never count – I usually don’t want to know, but I was agreeable enough. Tom insisted I count accurately or he’d be forced to start over. Now I’m no math genius but I can count all the way to a hundred. I assumed I’d have no difficulty counting to my age. I was sadly mistaken on that assumption.
He began right there in the kitchen with what he called a warm up with that unforgiving wooden spoon, before sending me back to the bedroom. “You’ll find your first gift of the day on the bed. Put it on and then come back and join me.”
I eagerly headed off. On the bed was the most beautiful peach colored, gossamer robe. It was so delicate and completely see-through.
“Only that,” I heard Tom directing from the other room. Being the obedient wife that I am, I undressed and slipped it on. There was only one clasp at the top and I must say that at my age it’s wonderful to know your husband still enjoys seeing me this way. As a beautiful, sexy robe I give it a ten, as protection from a birthday spanking, I give it a minus ten. 
I had wondered why Tom had wanted me to count, I found out soon enough. Tom stopped shortly after he started spanking and asked me about something, I forget what. Then he said “What number were we on?”  He had caught me off guard and I couldn’t remember if it was nine or eleven. “Ah… girl, you’re not paying attention. It was nine. I’ll start over.”
And on and on he went. He never stopped somewhere ‘normal’ like twenty-five or thirty, but on twenty-three or thirty-seven, and each time he would do or say something to distract me. He might give me one random swat that I hardly thought counted – but of course it did. Then that devil would begin over, again stopping at twenty-seven or forty-six to get me off track yet again. I knew exactly what he was doing and I still couldn’t keep an accurate count. By the time he got to my actual age I no longer felt competent to count to ten and had you gone by the number of actual swats I believe I was rapidly closing in on my five hundredth birthday.

You can find This new book at: 
Blushing Books  

PK Corey was kind enough to answer some questions for me, and I love her answers as I got to know her a bit better! 

This is the eighth Cassie book in this series. Do you see any more in Tom and Cassie's future?
There are definitely two more books swirling in my head and then there is a ‘last book’ that takes place about twenty-five years in the future. I know I’ll write it for myself and if other want to read it I’d be happy to have it published.

Do you have a system for determining your book titles?

Not really and coming up with titles is hard for me. I think the title I sent in with the very first book was ‘Life Long Love.' Staci, my wonderful first editor suggested changing it to ‘Cassie’s Space’. I thought that was a great idea and so the other titles have been a little easier since I use Cassie’s or Cassie in it. I’m also working on a non-Cassie book and I have no ideas for a title.  

What is your favorite part of the writing process? Least favorite?

My favorite part is re-writing. I sometimes write very fast, just getting the main ideas and what’s happening down. Once that’s done, I love to go back and add dialogue – I do love listening to my characters talk – and more details.
My least favorite would have to be writing the first chapter, which I always save until last, and the blurb. Those two things are hard.

Do you have advice for aspiring writers?

I think most of us who write spanking fiction have a fantasy or two that have been running in our heads forever.  That’s a great place to start. Also spend time ‘daydreaming’ letting a scene float around in your head – I do this as I’m going to sleep or waking up. Just start the scene and let your characters take over. You’d be surprised what they may come up with on their own.

What books have you found inspirational?

Not so much the books themselves, but the phenomena of 50 Shades was inspiring. I’d been writing Cassie stories for about five years before the 50 Shades books were released and it was very exciting to realized how many people did want to read about this lifestyle.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Of course I’m an avid reader, always have been. Much of my free time now is taken up writing. But when I do leave my recliner and my laptop, I enjoy traveling, swimming and mentally willing my children to make me a grandmother.
You can visit PK over at her Reading Room or follow her on Facebook!


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