Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Begin Again," new release coming out Tuesday!

Watch this space, as Tuesday will be the day my new release will be available! I'll have links here where you can go and purchase it.



Life is good for Meredith and her husband Paolo, when a terrible car accident leaves Paolo disabled. As he distances himself emotionally, Meredith seeks consolation in her fantasy world. Escaping into her erotic romance books not only helps keep the loneliness at bay, but also awakens in her a curiosity about the Dominant/submissive lifestyle.
The day she stumbles upon a website forum of actual submissives and dominants, her life is forever changed. These are not characters created by authors. They are real people who engage in real life dominance and submission. As her knowledge grows, she learns there is one question only she can answer—is she truly submissive, or is the fantasy better left on the pages of a book?
In a last ditch effort to discover who she really is, Meredith agrees to pledge her obedience to an anonymous on-line Dom. She convinces herself it can't be considered cheating if her Dom is just a faceless entity in cyberspace. But the first time she's given an order, it all becomes too real. Will her devotion to please her on-line Dom take precedence over her flesh and blood husband? Will Meredith's journey of self-discovery destroy their marriage or will they somehow find a way to begin again?


Heart pounding, she typed quickly, not wanting the moment to escape, but so afraid if she didn't act now, her conscience would get the better of her.
Bonita: What's that, Mr. Brookstone?
Mr. Brookstone: I'd like to propose a temporary arrangement between the two of us. A trial period. Purely for the intention of determining whether or not this lifestyle choice would work. We could ease into it, and both test the waters.
Holy shit. She sat back, mulling it over.
What harm would it do? She could feel it out, as he said, test the waters. Get an idea of this whole submission thing was better in fiction than it was in real life. He was always an honorable guy, such a gentleman in the short time she'd known him. What could possibly be wrong with this? A friendly agreement between two people, a short trial period. And when the trial period was over, she would know.
Was she truly a submissive?
She wasn't going to sleep with him. Smiling, she typed her response.
Bonita: First I need to know what you look like.
Mr. Brookstone: Ha! I'll not brag, but people consider me a handsome man. I've heard the ol' “Tall, Dark, and Handsome.”
She felt her cheeks grow warm. Her dark-eyed lover.
Mr. Brookstone: And you?
Bonita: I'm also told I'm attractive lol.
Mr. Brookstone: I have no doubt. So let's hear your answer, woman. I'm eager to hear it.
Bonita: I'd love to try this out. Yes. What exactly do you have in mind?
Mr. Brookstone: I propose a two-week trial period, where we both fulfill our roles. I give you rules, and you agree to be obedient to me. You will grant me authority over you. During that trial period, I'll lay out my expectations for you, and do my best to meet your needs. But I'll have the power to enforce those rules, and I will mete out punishment if you disobey me. I can't spank you, of course, but I can still devise methods of ensuring your obedience.
Her heart pounded. This shit was getting real.
Bonita: Yeah. Yeah, I like that. Okay, Mr. B.
Mr. Brookstone: For the purposes of our agreement, you can still call me Mr. Brookstone, but when I require a response, I want the response to be “Yes, Sir.” Understood?
She swallowed, her hands trembling over the keys at her response.
Bonita: Yes, sir.


Begin Again will be available for purchase on Tuesday, February 16th.