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His Sassy Girl -- what happens when a naughty little girl fights her Daddy?

Thank you Jane and Maisy for having me on your blog. His Sassy Girl has been out for three days already! In today’s excerpt Sassy is remembering her first spanking by Dylan. Hope you all enjoy it


A defiant, strong woman. An implacable alpha male disciplinarian. An explosive collision of passions — and the yielding of a girl’s heart.

For nineteen-year-old wild child, Brittney, college was like unleashing the proverbial kid in the candy store — hot men, few rules, and almost zero responsibility. Sure, she was probably a little too crazy for her own good. But at a university, who’d have the inclination — or the desire — to keep her in line? Deep down, she knew she needed a man whose strict rules, and if needed, harsh punishments would keep her out of trouble, to encourage her to grow and focus. There wasn’t a chance in hell she’d get any of that in college though, so she was resolved to have some fun, consequences or not.

Dylan was never fooled by the feminine wiles of the curvy, opinionated beauty. Brittney might have skated through life on her striking looks, her quick wit, and her smart-mouthed ways — but it wasn’t going to work on him. He saw through all of that, saw what she needed, knew the polishing this diamond in the rough would need to really make her shine. Stringent, consistent discipline — and a willingness to apply it often to Brittney’s soft, round backside — would have her walking the straight and narrow in no time. Now, he just had to figure out how to take that first step on that journey, one that would have only one ending — Brittney’s heart, body, and soul entirely his.

Dylan’s known Dr. Maddox Parks as Brittney’s professor. But the man was much more than Brittney’s stern college instructor. He was also a member of a very exclusive establishment, The Playpen. Could the alluring world of the Playpen be the key to breaking down Brittney’s defenses, to showing her who she might really be inside? But will the arrival of Brittney’s father, and his own special girl, Sunni prove too much for Brittney to handle, forcing her to run from Dylan — and from herself? What happens when you get three sassy, independent and mischievous women in a BDSM Club? Will any of them decide to take their relationship to the next level — going deeper than any of them ever expected?

Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This (very) steamy contemporary romance contains the following themes or activities: spanking, exhibitionism, humiliation, medical play, bondage, explicit sexual activity, mild elements of age play in a BDSM setting, and a sassy young woman learning the hard way what happens when she pushes her luck with a strict, no-nonsense alpha male.


In desperation, as she felt herself going from sobbing to bawling, she turned her head and bit the side of his calf.

She hadn’t done it hard enough to break the skin — she’d hoped — but it was sufficient to make him yelp and stop his hand from smacking her.

Sassy?  Do you remember what I said?”

N-no, I don’t.  It hurts.  I can’t do this anymore.”  She tried pushing herself off his lap only to be jerked back against him, his arm pinning her in a vice-like hold.

Oh no, you don’t.  You’re not going anywhere.  I told you that if you didn’t behave these adorable little panties were coming down — and now they are.”  He hooked his finger into the elastic, jerking them down roughly to the backs of her knees.

The bite and sting of his hand had been nothing in comparison to the slaps he’d then laid down across her backside. She actually wouldn’t have been surprised to find out that she was bleeding, the pain was so intense.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had cried that hard, her head wagged from side-to-side, her hair ending up in her mouth, sticking to the tears coating her face.   She had lost all control of her movements, begging for him to stop, for it to end, and not receiving an ounce of mercy.

You will not bite me ever again.  Are.  We.  Clear?”

Yes, Daddy.  Yes, Daddy!”  The swats had finally ended, and she continued with her mantra until she realized that he was not her Daddy.

She’d stopped pleading, crying, or even speaking, holding perfectly still, fearing she might actually die of embarrassment.  At that moment, the escape offered by such a death held a strange appeal to her.

It’s all right, my sassy girl.  It’s all over.   You’re Daddy’s good girl again.”  He pulled her to stand, her panties falling to the floor.  “Let me pull your panties up, girlie.”

The elastic scraped across her bottom, making her hiss.  “Do you have a sore spanked bottom?”

Y-you know I do. You d-did it!”  She scowled at him.  What a stupid question to ask while she had tears tracking down her face.

Maybe I need to spank you some more?”  He tugged on her hand, trying to pull her over his knee again.

N-no, please!  I’m sorry.”

Are you?”  He reached over, retrieving a tissue and wiping her face dry.   “Tell Daddy why you have a sore, spanked backside. Unless you want your panties pulled down again, and you can tell me with that cute, red ass facing me.”

Sassy stared at him quietly the thought of standing with her bottom facing him mortified her.

I got spanked because I tried clocking Abby at the coffee shop and I bit you in the leg.  I’m sorry.”  She rubbed her bottom as she spoke the words.

Yes, you did.   It was a dreadful thing to do, but you were spanked and spanked hard.  Are you going to be Daddy’s Good Sassy Girl?”  He pulled her hands away, enveloping them in his own.

At that moment, she’d felt so loved and cared for. Her eyes had welled up with tears again, and a little sob escaped as she said, “Yes, Daddy.”

He’d opened his arms for her and pulled her onto his lap.  From that point on, they had stayed in a Daddy and little girl relationship.   Brittney loved being his Sassy, and although she was punished for her sassiness if it went over the line into being disrespectful, she knew he loved her sassy mouth.

Shaking herself back to the present, Sassy pulled her pajamas on, quickly exiting the room to find her Daddy. The last thing she wanted was to have him find her and punish her before her discussion and spanking.   She never doubted — ever — that he cared for her, and wanted to help her become her best.

His methods weren’t exactly what she’d choose — most of the time — but thus far, his techniques had proven more than equal to the task.
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