Monday, April 25, 2016

Man Candy Monday - making your Monday a little sweeter!

On this edition of Man Candy Monday, Jane and I need you to answer a question that has plagued humanity since the dawn of... well, 2016, at least.

Man buns. Yea or Nay? 

Jane and I have differing opinions about this, so we're counting on you to help us decide for once and for all.

Lemme give you some evidence so you can make an informed decision, m'kay?


Literacy. So important.

More a man pony. Still hot.

How Dom would look if Jane had let us give him a man bun. HA!

Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts. And enjoy the rest of your Monday! 


  1. And here I thought you'd be showing a nice set of male glutes... Cause hair buns ain't what I'm thinking of when I hear (read) "man buns"!

  2. Oh and re. the original question: big fat ixnay unless he's a real samurai.