Tuesday, April 5, 2016

WIP it up Wednesday -- Come Back to Me

Hello, and welcome to this week's edition of WIP it up Wednesday! 

This week, I'm excited to share an excerpt from my newest release, due out tomorrow! Come Back to Me is the sequel to my debut novel, Begin Again. 

In this excerpt, Paolo has announced to Meredith that he has plans for her, an intense weekend training session that will help the two of them adjust to their roles as dominant and submissive. She's eager, but also more than a little nervous about what he has in store for her. She's been told to rate her level of pain...


Quiet now, bonita,” he said in a low command.
Meredith obeyed. She didn't know how long she stood waiting for him, acutely conscious of standing before him vulnerable and exposed, and aware of the fact that she was completely at his mercy. Her mind teemed with questions, but with an effort, she forced herself to quiet her mind. She focused instead on the wall in front of her. Cream-colored, it looked like a clean, a blank slate and to the right, just out of her vision, she could see the black edge of a framed print of their wedding day. As her breathing quieted, she could hear nothing but Paolo's breath behind her. She still felt a prickle curiosity and anticipation, but a calm had descended on the room.
Are you cold, baby?” he asked softly. His voice was so husky, and the low rumble of his voice seemed like a rough caress.
No, sir,” she whispered.
Now, Meredith,” he said, his voice low, a rumbling whisper. “Tell me your thoughts now.”
I don't really have anything to share,” she whispered. “I just feel...calm. Centered. Curious, but in a good way, like when you made me kneel to wait for you.”
Good.Very good. You're a good girl.”
She felt his praise melt over her, sunshine and light.
Good girl.
He shifted behind her, and she heard the bed creak as he reached for something. She jumped as she heard the jingle of his belt buckle. Her breath caught and her heart began to race.
Remember your numbers, Meredith.”


  1. Numbers? What numbers?
    Lovely snip[pet, I can already feel her sinking into that hazy stae

  2. Oops! Edited. She's supposed to be rating sessions. Eep! Thanks, Ashe.

  3. Love it! So hot it distracted me a bit from my day's problems (which are too many). I'll have to add "Begin Again" to my TBA

  4. Congrats on the release. This sounds like it is going to be great one. :) :)