Thursday, May 26, 2016

#flashfiction "Big Daddy"

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"Double Dipping" 

One at the front door and one at the back.

It would've worked if Louisa hadn't thrown a wrench into everything. The plan was for her to detain Robbie at the back door while I got rid of Pete at the front door, then I'd cut out with Robbie.

I'd been dating the two of them for a month now and it was a veritable juggling act. I would've almost even gotten away with it, if Louisa had stayed on course. But she got a phone call, was giggling on the phone with the cord wrapped 'round her finger.

Big Daddy's at the back door,” I hissed. It was our code name. Robbie was the older of the two, the sterner, more serious one and, naturally, the one I'd chosen to stick with. Pete was good for a laugh and kiss but a girl like me needed the strength and security of a Big Daddy.

Louisa held up a finger. I ran to answer the front door. Pete stood there grinning, his thumbs looped into his trousers, one foot hitched up against the railing.

Hey, gorgeous,” he said, pushing his way past me into the house.

Louisa!” I shouted, and she was just hanging up the phone, but it was too late. Robbie had already let himself in and his sober eyes looked from me to Pete to Louisa and settled back, smoldering, to me.

Louisa looked at me apologetically, then threw fuel on the simmering embers in the room.
Oops. I was supposed to stall Big Daddy at the back door, wasn't I? Um. Pete!” she said, sashaying across the room and planting both of her lovely hands on his shoulders. “Say. Take a girl for a spin?” He shrugged, hooked his hand through Louisa's, and off they went.

I sighed with relief. Well, Pete had no hard feelings then. The screen door shut with a bang. And then I turned to face Robbie slowly, hoping my sheepish smile would appear coquettish and fetching, not riddled with guilt. My breath caught.

His eyes were dark, and he was scowling, arms crossed on his chest.


Big Daddy, is it?” he said in his low voice.

I laughed nervously. “Oh, that never can quite tell what she'll come up with next...”

He was prowling closer, and he loomed in front of me as I chattered on until finally I shrieked like a mouse caught in a trap. I was pinned helplessly against the counter.

I think Big Daddy needs to teach you a lesson.”

I swallowed, and licked my dry lips, my voice coming out in a husky whisper. “Is that right?”

He tipped a finger under my chin. “That's right, kitten. Why don't you and Big Daddy step on into your bedroom and you can lay yourself straight over his knee.”

I said the only sensible thing I could. “Yes, daddy.”

And that was how it all began.

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  1. Your opening sentence - wicked! We both had a similar idea then went somewhere different with it. Definitely a beginning to something else.
    Thanks for joining in!