Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WIP it up Wednesday -- the brat thing

Hello, WIPsters, and thank you for joining us on WIP it up Wednesday, the blog hop where we share from a Work in Progress (WIP!). I always enjoy seeing what new projects everyone is working on!

Today, Maisy Archer and I would like to share with you an excerpt from our second book in the Boston Doms series, His Submissive, which is slated for release in early July. All books can easily be read as stand alones, though characters resurface as familiar faces in all of the books.

In this excerpt, Matteo, twin brother to Dominic from My Dom, has agreed to be full-time dominant to Heidi's sister Hillary. They both have a lot to learn, and Hillary is just about to learn exactly how serious Matteo is...


Even though most submissives didn't really like being punished, they needed to know their Dominant meant what he said. So when doubts began to emerge, they would often push, some harder than others, but honest questioning was part of the normal routine. They needed consistency, dependability, and most of all, to know they were willingly relinquishing control to someone strong and worthy. 

He pulled her to a quiet spot and pushed her in front of him so that her back was flush against the wall. Leaning in, he pinned her with no more than the heat of his body, one of his arms above her head, resting on his forearm, the other still holding her hand. 

“Known each other a while now, haven't we?” he asked low. 

She swallowed and nodded, clearly intimidated by his physical posture and their near proximity. Good. This was time, now, for her to learn to focus on him and obey, and a little intimidation went a long way. 

“Yes,” she said, and as he stepped a little closer, she quickly amended it with, “Yes, sir!” 

“Do I like it when you roll your eyes at me or talk back?” 

She shook her head silently. 

“In fact, what have I said to you more than once?” 

She swallowed. “Um...about what? I mean there are lots of things you've said to me, and I --” 

He leaned closer. “About being a brat, Hillary.” 

Hillary gave him a sheepish smile. “Oh, right. The brat thing!” She laughed nervously. “You said, uh, you know, something about spanking me or something...” 

He nodded. “Bingo. Now that you're obeying me, you'll learn to be respectful.” He leaned in so close their knees were touching and she craned her neck to look up to him. “You going to be respectful, Hillary?” 

Her eyes widened and she nodded. “Yes,” she managed to eke out. 

Good. She was exactly where he wanted her, listening to him, completely aware of the fact that she was in trouble, and clearly lapping up every bit of his control over her. 

Oh, he was so gonna pay for this. 


You can meet Matteo, the wiseass brother to Dom, in book one of the Boston Doms series, out now!

Please stop by the other WIPsters to read additional excerpts! Thanks!

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