Friday, May 20, 2016

"You'll Know Who I am." #flashfiction

Jaye started a #flashfiction challenge -- 500 words, every week, based on a prompt. Jaye's is here, and mine is below!




Meet me in the library. You'll know who I am.

He flicked open his phone and read the message again. How exactly would he know which one she was? There could be loads of girls in the library on a Friday evening.
It was stupid. He didn't do blind dates and he certainly didn't do blind professional meetings with a girl he was supposed to spank. He felt like an idiot for even agreeing to the terms of their agreement, but the option sounded good at the time.

Total anonymity. No names exchanged. Firm, professional discipline, and before he'd even disciplined her, quadruple his normal asking price wired to him.
Was it the girl with the red hair? Well, no, her nose was in a book and she looked like a good girl anyway, certainly not in need of a spanking. There were a few young men by the periodicals, and a harried-looking woman with a stack of books as tall as her nose.

He glanced at the clock. She was two minutes late. He administered a longer spanking for tardiness, and he'd made the terms of his agreement clear. He'd chosen a seat in a secluded, quiet corner of the library. Behind him were three empty conference rooms.

And then he saw her. He knew the moment he saw her that she'd been right. He would know her the moment she sashayed her hips in front of him. 

She turned, and gave him a coyish wink. He stood, and began rolling up his sleeves. He crooked a finger silently at her.

She bit her lip, as she dragged her feet up to him and when she took in his stature and no-nonsense look, she blanched a bit.

He folded his arms across his chest. “Come with me, please,” he said. “You are five minutes late, and you'll earn more for your tardiness.”

Her eyes flitted from one corner of the library to the next, but he was in control now. He took her firmly by the elbow, and marched her to the empty room at the far back of the library.

He wasted no time. “Hands on the table, please,” he said. She obeyed, sticking her bottom up to meet him.

“You've made this easy for me,” he said. “Bend over.” As she bent, her skirt hitched up and her bare bottom beckoned him.

“Right, then,” he said. “The original spanking for your reckless spending. Another ten for tardiness.” He opened the small bag he'd taken with him and removed a leather strap. And another ten for our outfit.”

He snapped the strap against his palm. Oh, she would get her money's worth.

He enjoyed the irony of her squeals and yelps in a place known for being quiet. But she thanked him later, and begged him to meet again.

But the next time they met, she wore a skirt that hit the top of her toes. 

Did you enjoy this short story?
Last week's is here. :)

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