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Guest Visit from Ashe Barker!

Good morning, readers! I'm thrilled to have a visit here from Ashe Barker, sharing with us a peak into The Highwayman's Lady. 

Just look at that cover. Mmmmm.

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Ashe: Hi Jane, and thank you so much for inviting me over to your blog to give a shout out about The Highwayman’s Lady
I’m really excited about this story, Gray is a hero I’ve been fantasizing about for a while now, and it just reached the point where he had to emerge. He’s a thief and a rogue and no one at all could mistake him for a gentleman, but I hope readers – and Imogen - will love him as much as I do.

Here’s the blurb…

After the death of her mother, twenty-year-old Imogen Bennett faces the prospect of being coerced into marriage by a scheming relative, but fate intervenes when a masked highwayman accosts her on the road. Desperate to escape the unwanted wedding, Imogen pleads with the mysterious, handsome rogue to rescue her.

Alistair Graham – Gray - is a proud Scotsman who rebelled against British rule, and since the defeat of the highlanders at Culloden he has taken to robbing rich Englishmen travelling through Scottish lands. He is no gentleman, but he is certainly not a man who would ignore a young woman’s pleas for help, and he agrees to do what he can to assist the beautiful girl he has waylaid.

Imogen finds herself drawn to Gray, and though he warns her that he expects a woman’s complete obedience both in bed and out of it, she cannot resist offering her virgin body to him. He takes her hard and thoroughly, leaving her utterly spent yet still aching for more, and when her shock at her own wantonness leads her to speak disrespectfully to him he bares her bottom and punishes her soundly.

A highwayman is no suitable match for a lady, however, and Gray fears that her association with him can only put them both in danger, so he makes her promise that she’ll tell no one about what took place between them and then ensures that she is delivered safely to the home of her honourable cousin in Kirkleven. Yet despite her best efforts to put Gray out of her mind forever, in her heart Imogen knows she will always belong to the man who rescued her, mastered her, and made her his. But will her highwayman ever return to lay claim to his lady?

Publisher’s Note: The Highwayman’s Lady is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

And an excerpt….
The palm covering my mouth relaxes, then slides down to grasp my throat. I should be even more afraid, yet I am not. I turn my head, try to look up at him over my shoulder.
"Eyes forward, Imogen. Watch."
I obey, of course. My gaze is fixed on our reflection as Gray loosens the ribbons holding together the two halves which make up the front of my chemise. He opens them wide to expose my breasts, then takes long moments to simply look at me in the mirror.
"You are as beautiful as I remember, my Imogen. But are you a woman of her word, I wonder?"
His words baffle me. "I am. Of course I am. Why would you think otherwise?"
He slides his right hand down across my body to cup my left breast. His touch is gentle, his palm warm against my skin. He kneads the soft flesh with his fingers, a sensuous caress, the caress of a lover. My eyelids droop as I lean back against him.
"Open your eyes, girl. I told you to watch." His tone is sharp, almost brutal. My moment of languorous surrender evaporates as I stiffen, my eyes wide as I stare into the mirror. He said he meant me no harm, but every fibre of my being anticipates the worst.
He grazes my nipple with the edge of his index finger and the traitorous bud swells and stiffens. Gray rubs harder, deliberately teasing the nub into pebbled hardness, then takes it between his finger and thumb and presses. It hurts, but not overmuch, the sensation more a nudge at the very edges of pleasure, really. He increases the pressure, twisting my nipple as he squeezes and pulls on it. Now the pain is real, unmistakable. I whimper, but manage to bear it by gnawing on my lower lip. It never occurs to me to ask him to stop.
The pressure on my distended nipple intensifies but still I manage to gasp out my words.
"Gray, you are hurting me. Please..."
I am shaking now, my poor nipple throbbing in agony as he twists again. I lift my hands, instinct demanding that I wrestle his fingers away from my tormented flesh.
"Put your hands down. Shove them under your bottom and keep them there."


And where can you purchase this book? 
Grab The Highwayman’s Lady now on Amazon and All Romance

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