Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Since you won't spank my ass you can kiss my ass!" WIP it up Wednesday


This is my first time participating in the WIP it up blog hop, and I'm happy to be here! Co-writer Maisy Archer and I are excited that My Dom, the first book in our new series, is due to be released May 4th. It's a fun, sweet, and sexy read about school teacher Dom Angelico and his neighbor Heidi. 

Our current WIP is the story of Dom's brother, Matteo, who is falling for Heidi's sister, Hillary. Hillary has asked Matteo to help her find a Dom, and Matteo reluctantly agreed, against his better judgment, because he's made a promise to Dom that he would not seduce Hillary. He's trying to do her a favor, and thinks finding her  a Dom is what she needs from him. She doesn't quite see it that way, though..


Dom drove them all to Roadhouse, their favorite burger joint, Heidi sitting shotgun, Hillary and Matteo sitting in the backseat, so far apart from one another they were each flush against the doors on either side.
Matteo picked up his phone and texted her.
Her phone beeped and when she read it was from him, she stifled a giggle.
What's up? She texted.
Remember I made you a promise at Cara's?
Yeah. I remember. I thought you were the one that hadn't.
Well, that stung, but he deserved it.
Nah, babe. I've been working on it. Working on it. Yeah, he'd been working on it, going through every single Dom he knew, every single Dom possibility, and systematically discarding each one in turn as wrong for Hillary.
And the next words he typed just about killed him, but he had to. For her. He inhaled. So, I found you a Dom.
He expected her eyes to light up, or at least a smile to flit across her face, but she remained impassive. What the hell?
Yeah. Guy named Slay. You met him the night I got you out of Blackbox. Served in the marines with me. Experienced. Tough, big guy, but a good one.
She put her phone down and her eyes met his across the car. They didn't speak for a minute and he raised his eyebrows. He'd rather cut off his left nut than let her be Dommed by some other guy, and this was killing him. Didn't she know this was killing him? Then why was her chin thrust in the air and her eyes flashed at him? Jesus. She looked back at her phone and her fingers flew.
He jumped as his phone buzzed. That was quick. He read her message.
Thanks. Think he can handle me?
Handle her? He pursed his lips. He'd done his job, gotten her a Dom, and now he was done.
Yeah. He's got experience handling fairies, Tink.
He stifled a groan as her leg shot out and she kicked his shin. He glared at her and typed so fast, he had to erase and rewrite his message four times.
You are SO LUCKY you are not mine or you wouldn't sit FOR A WEEK!
She looked smug, the little brat. His phone buzzed one more time.
Well, then. Since you can't SPANK my ass you can KISS my ass.
He looked at her through eyes so narrow they were little more than slits as he shut his phone off and shoved it in his pocket.
He'd give her Slay's number, and be done with it, but she'd have to behave herself first.

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  1. Poor old Matteo look's like he has a conflict of interests. So will Hillary go with Slay, or will she find herself over another's lap... hmmm :) Great snippet!

    1. Major conflict of interest! I wonder how long he can contain himself? Lol

  2. Love that text! Makes me mad I have to wait so long to read how it turns out!!!!

  3. Haha, something tells me he is definitely not done with it!

  4. I just want to read on now!!