Tuesday, March 22, 2016

WIP it up Wednesday --

Hello, readers, and welcome to this edition of WIP it up Wednesday! Today, I'm sharing with you a juicy excerpt from a new release I have coming in just over two weeks, the sequel to Begin Again. 

What is Come Back to Me about?

Meredith and Paolo are reunited after a devastating accident drove them apart, in the hopes that embracing a lifestyle of Dominance and Submission will rekindle the passion they once had. The premise is very simple: Meredith will obey Paolo, and he will enforce his expectation of her obedience.

But where do they go from here? Paolo proposes a plan that will raise the stakes, a weekend of intense training that will push them both to the edge of their limits as they embrace their new-found roles.

Is Meredith prepared to be stripped of the protective wall she's built around herself? Will she willingly trust Paolo to lead her—even if that means submitting herself to his discipline? Can Paolo be all that she needs — her leader, protector, and disciplinarian, but most of all...her lover?

This is the second book in Meredith and Paolo's "Bound to You" trilogy, a story of love, trust, and devotion, as one couple rekindles their love through the passionate, erotic intimacy of Dominance and Submission.


And now here's an excerpt. Paolo has just announced his weekend training plans for her, and she's eager to see what this is all about...

Meredith could hardly contain her excitement as he pulled her over his lap. She saw the edge of the black leather disappear as he lifted it in his hand, and arousal stirred down low. She took in labored gasps as she felt his hand on the hem of her nighttie. Gently, he lifted until he'd bared her to him, and his large, rough hand glided over her naked skin.
Ah, my pink handprint,” he murmured. “This is beautiful. My mark on you.”
She closed her eyes. It was so relaxing, being over his lap in this submissive posture. She was so very ready to feel his strength. She was so ready to be submitted to him once again. And she loved the thought of him leaving his mark on her.
One of the plans I have this weekend is to find your threshold for pain,” he said. She gasped.
What the hell would that entail? It sounded freaking sexy and terrifying all at once.
We need to devise a system for you to communicate with me,” he continued. “When I ask, I want you to give me a number. We'll use a scale of one to ten, one being mild and ten being as much as you can stand. That's all you need to know for tonight are the numbers. Tomorrow, we'll discuss safe words, but tonight there will be no need.”
Why would there be no need? But no, it wasn't for her to question. Her job was to obey.
Yes, sir,” she said. She felt his large, warm hand trail across her bare skin. She was sensitive where he'd swatted her, but already the pain of those quick swats had begun to fade.
She wanted more. The feel of his palm stinging her bottom had been shocking – immediately mortifying, but hot. His command. His desire to discipline her. His power. Between that and his fondling her, she already felt about ready to come out of her skin. And now, spread over his lap, as he layered one delicious command after another over her, she felt herself growing heady with excitement. Blood pounded in her ears. He shifted beneath her, spreading his knees apart.
I want you to try out this position,” he said, as he gently pushed one of her legs over his own, so that she was straddling one knee, his leg firmly against her torso, her upper body sprawled on the bed.
Oh my. This felt different. It wasn't as relaxing as her whole belly over his lap, but it was hotter, as she felt her own arousal against the heat of his leg. He shifted one knee as she straddled him, and the shift put more pressure between her legs as he trailed one hand over her bottom and lower still, until he was fondling her. She closed her eyes as her breathing hitched.
Holy shit,”she murmured. His hand cracked down so suddenly and so hard she fairly leapt off his knee.
No swearing this weekend. I don't want to hear a single curse word out of your mouth. Do you understand me?”
Yes, sir,” she said quickly, eager to obey, but growing headier even still from having been swatted again. He stroked the bare skin he'd just spanked as warmth spread over her.
Bonita, what are you to do when I spank you?” What was it again? She was having a hard time concentrating. All she could think of was his hand between her legs, her mind growing hazy, consumed with the desire to be taken by him in every possible way. What had he asked? She had to think quickly before she earned another swat.
Numbers,” she murmured. “You want me to scale how much it hurts, sir.”
Very good,” he said. And without another word of warning, she felt his hand raise...


  1. Sounds like it's going to be a long but fun weekend.


  2. I'm wondering if those numbers are going to get near the high end... Call me a sadist, but I hope so :D

  3. Sequel! Yeah, claps hands. Can't wait.